Why South-africa.co is a free classified website?

One of the most important goals for companies is to grow their revenue over time. In order to achieve that goal, they have a pricing structure for their services. It is obvious and acceptable that companies are profit-oriented as it is the only way they are able to pay salaries to the employees and the bills.

za classifieds

Instead of putting the burden on the customers and have them pay money before using ZA Classifieds‘ services, we decided to reduce our expenses, limit our human resources and grow our activities steadily with our user’s satisfaction as our main priority. As of the time I am publishing this post, all our services on www.south-africa.co are free. Even though we have some expenses and a growth plan, we think that everything can be and will be achieved with our users.

Our decision to offer our services free of charge has helped us get some repeat users. We are not only satisfied with the growth, but we also share the joy of our users when they inform us about their sales or purchases through our website.

If you don’t know, you are now aware that we don’t charge for our services. Feel free to use our website to sell your products and grow your business.