Vertical Marketing: The Future of Classified Websites 

Vertical Marketing is a process of marketing which focuses solely on one category instead several ones. It is the type of marketing that emphasizes on the promotion of services and products for a single company, skill or profession unlike the horizontal marketing which deals with more than one company and is based on a wider range. For example a company that manufactures cars belongs to the vertical marketing as the company only deals with cars and their engines. Whereas a home solution company is considered to be horizontal marketing as it would provide furniture, appliances, floors, etc.

Going back in history, the first classified ad was published in the Boston NewsLetter in 1704. After that the concept of advertisement began and gradually spread all over the world. The concept of classified ads remained on the newspaper and people searched for automobiles, services, house hold items, job and business opportunities in the newspapers. But with the internet taking over, online advertisements became a trend. People found it much easier to post ads and look for ads for free. They could post as many advertisements as they wanted. Their products started selling more quickly. Now with a number of classified websites available buying and selling products has become convenient.

Vertical marketing is substantial to the seller and the purchaser as well. The customers find it convenient as it is confined to one category which deals with all the pros and cons. It provides a consistent solution and deals with it accurately. Instead of dealing with the unifying of the parts itself, the client finds it best to let the company deal with it all on its own. Moreover, it offers a specialized market to the customer.

The biggest advantage of vertical marketing is that it enables the managing team to look at their category on the whole and make changes in what they think is suitable for their company. One of the foremost benefits is that you can make your company more efficient by comparing it with others offering the same things. You can recognize what sells and what doesn’t and what sets your company apart from the others. Moreover, vertical marketing will refine the type of customers visiting the classifieds site. You will seldom find someone interested in a makeover on an automobiles site.

Vertical marketing is the future of classified websites. With many specialized classified websites already working, it seems to be increasing. There are sites exclusively dedicated to dating or employment or automobiles or properties. Soon, specialized classified sites will take over general classified sites.