Is outsourcing the solution?

As a business owner, I listen to a lot of podcasts and read several blog posts every day. Among the current trends in business are outsourcing services. In order to save money, small and big companies find freelancers in other countries to help them with specific tasks. From Customer service to bookkeeping, there are many tasks that are outsourced at a cheaper cost. But do the companies really benefit from outsourcing some activities? I will respond to the question with my own experience.

To find a freelancer, you need to browse the profiles of individuals or businesses on,,,, etc. Most of the time, it takes a few hours to identify a freelancer with high rating (5-star) and good feedback. The time spent to look for a good freelancer doesn’t guarantee an excellent outcome.

A month ago, I decided to hire a freelancer to improve my logo. Instead of accepting bids, as mentioned above, I usually go through the profiles myself and send an invite to freelancers with good feedback. I followed the same rule. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the final result. The new logo is worse than the old one even though I carefully chose the freelancer based on rigorous criteria. However I would admit that I got worth mentioning services from some freelancers in the past.

To sum up, outsourcing is not always the appropriate route. It is much better to do it yourself, find a local provider or company and spend 10 to 20% more money than lose everything or get a poor quality service/product.