How to learn to code

In Benin (West Africa) where I grew up, it was hard to have access to a computer. I was still the case about 15 years ago. Things have radically changed and internet connection is available almost everywhere. Teenagers and young adults spend several hours on smartphones and do unimaginable work with their devices. Nowadays, I can say without any doubt that anyone can have access to a computer if he or she wants. Not only it is affordable, but you also use one at the library or at your school. A computer is the main tool you need to start your journey of becoming a software developer.

Before I provide a list of websites that I have been using to learn to code, it is important for me to provide some advice.
First, coding is fun. Becoming a software developer will change your life because you can build websites or create applications to make money. But it is not for everybody. If you are not motivated and passionate, you will give up due to the amount of hours to solve coding problems or read programming language documentations. However, you should go for it. You will definitely get a job if you become a good developer because computer science is one of the fast growing field.
I recommend that you visit these following websites to learn to code and practice every day.

Learn to code
1. offers several interactive courses on how to program. The courses cover CSS, Java, HTML, Python, JavaScript, etc. Most people who use this online platform have said nice things about it. I also like it. I am still taking some courses on it right now.
2. is another site that provides free and paid courses in IT. They have very interesting courses such as Java, Python, iOS Programming, ReactJS, JavaScript, Html, CSS, etc. Their website is easy to use.

3. is one of my favorite websites to learn how to program. Popular universities (Havard, MIT, Rice, Michigan, etc.) offer some courses on the platform. I took the course “Introduction to Linux” a couple of months ago and really liked it. As of the time of writing this blog post, offers free courses only. They may change in the future.

If you know any other websites, feel free to share them in the comment section. I will check them out and add to my list.