How to become a successful online entrepreneur

The number of available resources to learn how to promote a website or build one is incredible. Free how-to videos and tools are provided by bloggers or small online companies. It’s now the appropriate time for everybody who wants to launch an online business to implement the project and succeed.

First, it is important for anyone who decides to be an online entrepreneur to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you have money or raise funds, you may decide to skip this learning step; but it is almost required for several reasons.

  • By having some knowledge of how websites are built, you can easily reject high bids for tasks you decide to outsource;
  • You have precise ideas about the improvements on your website that will take it to the next level. For instance, I had some bandwidth issues because my website started receiving a lot of visitors; but it was not cached properly. After discussing with the Hosting Tech Support because the website had been sent offline, I easily determined that it was a caching issue. Hadn’t I known about website development and the essential features, I would have spent some money to determine the issue and solve it.

For online entrepreneurs, is a website that provides free courses. I spent several hours on it to improve my knowledge of programming languages and web development tools. I definitely found the materials useful and interesting that I would recommend the website.

Second, do not think you will make several millions online overnight. It will take time, some ups and downs. My advice is to fail fast, get up and try again. Your mistakes, trials and errors will shape your future. Don’t hesitate to try new ideas, techniques or strategies until you are satisfied or accomplish your goal. The fun aspect of online business is that the same result can be achieved using different methods and strategies. So, be creative and take initiative. I cannot tell exactly the number of websites I’ve owned over the years. Many of those websites didn’t make me any money or were hit by Google algorithm updates and lost a significant amount of visitors. Google algorithm updates can be defined as the search rank changes. But, I have learned a lot of lessons that help me make better decisions and increase my ROI (Return On Investment).

Make money online

It will take several books to cover in details the required skills to be a successful online entrepreneur. For that reason, I am going to write several blog posts about the topic. If you want me to focus on some specific aspects, let me know in the comment section.

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