6 rules of success by Arnold Schwarzeneger

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a video that I couldn’t spend a day without watching again. It is the 6 rules of success by Arnold Shwarzeneger. Arnold explained the rules that made him a successful athlete, businessman, and governor of the State of California while giving a commencement speech at the University of Southern California.


In this blog post, I am going to share the 6 rules with you.


1. Trust yourself
It’s obvious that nobody will trust you if you doubt about your ability to achieve greatness. A good leader is someone who sells or speaks about his vision convincingly. Even if you are just a humble human being, the beginning of your success journey will require a self-confidence that must appear in your attitudes and actions.
If you don’t trust yourself, why would anyone else trust you?


2. Break some rules
According to Arnold, it is hard to be a maverick if you are well behaved. You must be willing to break some rules, not the laws, in order to achieve true success. You must think outside the box.
So often, we find the best opportunities or ventures where we least expect them and while not following etablished society rules.




3. Don’t be afraid to fail
In life, we learn a lot from our past mistakes. It is also true that our failures make us stronger or better man. Honestly, no one has achieved success without going through the ups and downs. So if you have a business idea, don’t wait until all the details are sorted out, just start and figure things out along the way.


4. Ignore the naysayers
Your friends or parents will try to convince you not to pursue your venture. In order to succeed in life, you need people who will encourage and cheer you up. Finding an appropriate environment in which people help each other and take risks will allow you to achieve your dreams quicker.


5. Work your butt off
Laziness and proscratination are two characteristics of people who fail. If you want to succeed, you must work hard. When Muhammad Ali was asked “how many push-ups do you do?”, he replied “I don’t count. I only start counting when it starts getting hurt.” We all need to embrace that philosophy.


6. Give back
You can’t achieve success without getting help from mentors and friends. After climbing success ladder, you should give back.


If you know of any important rules that should be added to this list, let me know in the comment section.