5 classified websites that are changing the business world in Africa

If anybody who lived before the eighties comes back to life today and sees the world in its stark nakedness, he would go back to the grave. This world is no longer as it was known before the 90’s. Invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web has turned the world into one huge global village. Since information is the biggest driver of growth, the world has moved so fast when it comes to online interactions. To keep up, Africa follows the footsteps of the West almost in equal strides. This can easily be testified by the numerous classified websites that exist in this continent.

 Locanto (Get It as You Want It)

Located in South Africa, Locanto has become a big advertising site in Africa’s second biggest economy. Like the rest, it also offers free user-to-user service in the whole of the Rainbow nation. There are not many products that you will miss on Locanto. It offers as much as free dating on its site. Locanto also offers an interactive site on its blog, whereby customers can both browse and post classifieds. It helps customers stay up-to-date with information on new products.

 Through your email, you can also customize the kind of alerts you get from Locanto. For you to advertise on Locanto, you simply need to create an account, and their leads would take you to what you want to do.

 Howizt (It Is OK)

 If you are seeking an online one-stop shop, then your journey ends at Howizt. So wide is the range of the products and services on Howizt that there are two groups of products and services classified as ‘free free stuff’ and ‘stuff for sale’. Even animals and pets are found on this site.

Knowing the human’s desire to invest, there is a product range known as property. And what are all these for, if you do not have a lifetime partner? That is the reason why the ‘dating and personals” has been given whole part of its own. To cap it all, you will find beautifully displayed pictures of the products you may be interested in.

Txtoweb (Do It on Your Phone)

If you thought that innovations on online sales have reached an end, then here is your surprise. TXTOWEB, a Nigerian classified site, will give you the opportunity to access it even with your mobile phone. Short messages can be posted on this site as ads. This use of SMS from your mobile phone to access the site has made it to reach a wide range of people, who may not have access to the internet.

On TXTOWEB, you can advertise anything, from your Businesses, Events, Talents, Job vacancies, to relationship needs. Another advantage is that it is easy to use. Just identify the category of your advert, key it in, and send to the SMS number provided. You can do this from any of the lines of the three leading mobile service providers in Nigeria.

Kerawa (It’s all here)

KERAWA is a website that serves Cameroonians on both products and services. Given its location in a country whose official languages are both French and English, Kerawa has a special niche. Yet despite the odds, the sites success is all too obvious. On KERAWA as a dealer, you would advertise anything, and as a customer, you would also get anything you want.

OLX (Everything Sells)

For this Kenya’s classified site, just as its slogan goes, everything sells. There is no limit to what one can advertise on OLX. The procedure is simple: Just take several photos of what you want to sell. Do it from different angles, and post the pictures. A potential customer would see them and contact you and voila, you have money the customer has the product.

  • Zad

    Thank you for posting this topic i would like to add the new classifieds website http://www.ikan.co.za that has been recently launched in South Africa and so far it has very good features and its very easy to browse or post ads, you might check them as well and see how do you rate them in terms of their functionality and website design.